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Blinds offer a warm and inviting look to any decor. Whether they are richly stained timber, bamboo, aluminum or fabric, blinds are modern alternative window coverings.

  • Exterior / Interior PVC Blinds
  • Exterior PVC blinds are meant for privacy and demand a specialized design. Our exterior blinds ensure complete privacy to your living or office areas with its purposeful and highly studied design. Our balcony blinds shield out external view, allowing uninhibited view from a single side and that is yours. We have a large collection of exterior PVC blinds for windows as well.

    Our exterior blinds have series of advantages

    • # Specially designed for complete privacy
    • # Available in variety of colours, designs and materials to give you an ample choice to suit your decor best
    • # Manual system that makes our exterior blinds very easy-to-operate
    • # Our exterior PVC blinds are made with age-resistant materials ensuring durability and long-lasting
    • # Highly suitable for balconies, sea-facing resorts, open restaurants, food courts, gardens and so on.
  • Wooden Venetian Blinds
  • Wooden venetian blinds is a great way to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home or office. Venetian blinds and shades add that inexplicable touch of plush style and wood gives an earthy sophistication. The best part of this combination is its seamless integration with any type of decor – minimal, ethnic, chic or contemporary.

    Our wooden Venetian blinds offer the perfect combination of grace and utility complementing all types of interiors, irrespective of style.

    Our Wooden Venetian Blinds have a series of advantages

    • # Made from highly seasoned natural 100% bass wood, ensuring the refined natural look of this blind
    • # Lightweight and easy-to-use
    • # Comes with tilt mechanism and motor controlled options with a focus on ease of use.
    • # Available in 35mm & 50mm slats with single and double cord operations

    Available in Manual and Motorized

  • Printed Roller Fabric Blinds
  • Printed Roller fabric is available in Translucent, Semi opaque and Blackout Fabric. We have a wide range of Printed Fabric Roller Window Blinds designs with equally wide range of colour combinations to choose from to suite your trends and decor. We have a range of designs and more than hundred combinations to make your selection. Our design team will also cater to custom design needs, be it logos, images, graphics, floral, abstract etc.

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    Matts Corner offers custom printed blinds, patterned roller blinds, gallery blinds, customized blinds with pictures on them, custom fabric blinds for bedrooms and windows, fabric venetian blinds, custom photo blinds and much more.

    Printed Roller Blinds Available in Manual and Motorized

  • Monsoon Balcony Blinds
  • Monsoon blinds and balcony blinds combine tough protection with complementary style for demanding exteriors. Strong and long-lasting , our Monsoon balcony blind provide complete protection against all kinds of weather.

    Monsoon exterior PVC blinds are made from special scratch-resistant PVC and acrylic fabrics. The former ensures a lasting ‘newness’ of your exterior blinds and the latter allow light to pass freely making it a perfect shield.

    The monsoon blinds and outdoor balcony blinds not only safeguard against water but also heat and dust giving protection all-year around. The outdoor balcony blinds and shades are sealed panel-wise hence damage can be easily repaired by merely replacing a panel rather than replacing the whole blind.

    Stainless steel guides and cables provide long lasting support and life to your balcony blinds.

    Perfectly suited as exterior shades and outdoor blinds for sea-facing resorts, open restaurants, food courts, roof-top cafeterias, windows and gardens.

    Available in Manual, Motorized and Crank Shaft Systems.

  • Triple Shade
  • The triple shade blinds are pleated and provides superior UV protection, available in Blackout fabric.The vanes help to adjust the light entering the room and also the level of privacy.

    Unique three cell designs for maximum insulation and energy efficiency. Choice of colors.

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